Municipal Finance Journal

Volume 38, Number 4 (Winter
Winter 2018
Editor: W. Bartley Hildreth

Editor's Note
California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission 2017 Conference*
W. Bartley Hildreth


*Using and Evaluating Expert Work Products in Municipal Offerings:
Risk Assessments
Gilbert Southwell III, Heidi Schrader, Jim Miller, and Lisa Greer Quarteman


*Setting Standards of Practice for Consultants
Susan Gaffney, Leo J. Karwejna, Gary Caporicci, and Robert Doty


*Regulation and Your Consultants: Drawing the Line
Robert Doty, Mary Simpkins, Leslie Norwood, Nat Singer, and Lakshmi Kommi


Tax Exempt Financing of Sectarian Institutions Following the Supreme Court's Decision in Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer
[National Association of Bond Lawyers]
Matthias M. Edrich, Lauren Ferrero, Ann C. Lebowitz, John Utley, and Paul Wisor