Municipal Finance Journal

Volume 37, Number 4 (Winter
Winter 2017
Editor: W. Bartley Hildreth

Editor's Note
National Federation of Municipal Analysts' 2016 Annual Conference
W. Bartley Hildreth


Illinois Politics and Public Finance 101
Peter Stettler, Laurence Msall, Kate Grossman, and Greg Hinz


Democracy in Peril:
What to Do When Elected Officials Haven't, Won't or Can't
Marti Kopacz, Melissa B. Jacoby, Angel Taveras, and Frank J. Bailey


Industry Roundtable
Lisa Washburn, Jessica Kane, Michael Decker, Ritta McLaughlin, Bill Daly, and J. Ben Watkins


Headline Risk:
Unexpected Price Changes and Answering to the Folks at the Top
Natalie Cohen, Joe Mysak, Sean Carney, and Michael Zezas